Sunday, September 23, 2007


It's been a rough weekend; I'm not gonna lie. If I could wrap it up in a few phrases, it would be "God shows up in unexpected places, especially through complicated circumstances." I was with my Mom's family this weekend, and it was really amazing. I haven't always gotten along with them as well as I would have liked, but the older I get the more I realize that they're still my family and I love them. To be honest, I saw God more in my family this weekend (who are not necessarily believers in the God I know) than I have in my church for a long time. I get glimpses of eternity when I feel their acceptance as "one of them" and the identification with something internally mysterious that takes place when we're together. I know that God wired it that way, but it's so unique to see it pan out, that even when I'm angry and sad, he soothes my spirit through their presence. I can show up with out pretense, be present and alive without fear of judgment or how my behavior might affect my reputation at church. It's just a fantastic feeling, and I want more please.

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